I Will Never Drink Milk The Same Way Again!!

Food is much more than just food. Its turned into an art form. For instance so many ways to use cookies. You can eat the cookie dough raw(awesome) make ice cream with it, make a cookie pizza or even make a cookie cup. Milk and cookies go hand in hand after all. no?

Learn how to make a cookie cup below

1) Get a package of refrigerated cookie dough or make your own cookie batter
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2) Grab stick of butter or nonstick baking spray and grease up a cup that is oven safe otherwise you can also use a muffin tin
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3)Pack in cookie dough like in video and then bake at around 325 or whatever is on the package of the cookie dough
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4) After baking melt chocolate in bowl in microwave. then brush it on the inside of the cookie dough. Put in fridge to let chocolate harden. This will form a seal so when you put milk in it it won’t get soggy and fall apart on you
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5) Slide it out of the cup like so
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6) Ready to go full of milk
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