Ikea Ban’s Huge Hide And Seek Event At Their Stores

Ikea has had to come out and publicly ban hide and seek games at all of its locations after going viral when 32,000 people signed up on Facebook for the popular childhood game. Other locations have had similar sign up rates like Amsterdam with 19,000 and Utrecht with 12,000,

It started out being approved by Ikea after a woman declared it was on her “30 things do do before her 30th birthday” list. But since going viral Ikea is concerned about safety issues and maybe a few things getting broken or stolen.

After the infamous Ikea monkey incident a couple years back I would think they could use a little positive publicity. Why not just regulate it themselves. Close off the store for a couple of hours after it closes and allow a set number of people in. I can see it now…”IKEA’s annual hide and seek event”


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