In Honor Of Canada Day. 22 Insane Facts About Canada

The most interesting facts about Canada you’ve probably never heard of

1)The worlds first ufo was built in 1967 in st.paul Alberta

2)20% of fresh water in world is in Canada

3)30% of Canada is covered by forest

4)Sudbury has the worlds deepest underground research lab. Its more than 2km or more than 1 mile.

5)It has the worlds longest beaver dam at 850m or almost 1km

6)More than 10,000 garter snakes can be seen mating in pits near Winnipeg

7)80% of alcohol consumed in Canada is beer

8)77% of worlds maple syrup is made in Quebec

9)Macaroni and cheese is the most purchased packaged item in Canada

10)Canada has more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the world

11)It has the only known town in the world with 2 exclamation marks Saint-Louis-du-Ha!Ha!

12)Americans have been known to mascarade as Canadians when abroad

13)17 spoons were balanced on the face of a Canadian boy Aaron caissie to set world record

14)Canada is best G20 country in which to be a woman

15)Porkys is the most successful Canadian film ever made

16)Basketball was invented in Canada

17)Imax theaters, the electric wheelchair and trivial pursuit were also invented in Canada

18)If you write to the north pole in any language you will get a reply back from Santa

19)Its illegal to have comic books depict a criminal act in Canada

20)Canada just became its own official country in 1982

21)License plates in Nunavut are shaped like polar bears

22)In Nanaimo they have an annual bathtub race

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