Is Common Sense A Super Power? Or Should These People Never Be Allowed To Breed.

These people prove that your profession as an EMT is very secure!

1.This cyclist attempted to jump a ramp onto flat ground. He’s definitely got a few screws loose. And now probably a few bones and organs.

2.Surely there must be a better way.
A sure sign of fashions form over function? Of is he just too dumb? You decide.

3.This show shows that being an over aggressive idiot is always a bad idea
fail - Imgur

4. Its a good thing she held her nose. I guess this is what happens when you don’t commit
Fail - Imgur2

5.”I was not trained for this sir!” Another sign that military intelligence is a fail

6.Who says fitness is always a healthy thing to do for yourself?


8.SOOO! This is what happens when you try to park a car without the brakes!

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