Is Eating Poop A Miracle Cure?

poop vaseA fecal transplant, transpoosition or fecal transplant, whatever you want to call it had been proven to cure a number of previously incurable maladies like ulcerative colitis.

In a fecal transplant the patient has an enema inserted into their rectum and has the chocolate milk like saline solution transfused into them.

It was discovered after an Australian gastroenterologist who cured ulcerative colitis by finding out certain kinds of bad bacteria are the root cause of many illnesses.

fecal0123Broody is now claiming that he is successfully testing patients with MS and Parkinson’s disease.

It seems the power of poop is never ending and sees fecal transplants as equivalent to antibiotics.

One things for sure.It needs a better name than a shit swap. Maybe a fecal micro biota transplantation might go over a little better with patients.


BTW found this little gem while writing this article