“It ain’t cheatin’, it’s Stampeding’!”

It you’ve ever been to the Calgary stampede then you’ll know the familiar atmosphere being promoted there. Basically debauchery, crazy behavior eating crazy foods like the 2ft long sausage and lots f alcohol consumption. Hell the whole thing surrounds crazy cowboys that risk their lives to ride bulls or broncos that want nothing more than to gore them.

Karen Stewart of Fairways Divorce Solutions has offices across Canada which look for patterns in divorce rates to help her company advertise better. She has found that consistently since 2006 Calgary’s calls regarding divorce have gone  up 40-50%  right after the stampede.

This may lead you to believe that the Calgary scenario is an anomaly but in fact Stewart noted that anytime there is an event around a holiday or special occasion where people can step away from their daily life routines, and alcohol is consumed, there is an increase in relationships ending and starting as well.

Of course its the couples that are on the rocks already before the stampede. With just the right mix of people being out on their own and alcohol consumption along with reckless behavior being promoted it becomes a case of the straw that broke the camels back. Of course there is also the flip side of the scenario as well. It can promote better relationships through having fun together

Another interesting tidbit she shared about infidelity. There is a myth about men usually being the cheaters in a relationship. She says that’s absolutely false. Its basically 50-50. Women cheat just as much as men sometimes even more.

Apparently Local Business are using this as a way to promote themselves. There was a Calgary hotel downtown back in 2007 that ended up making front-page news when it offered a special service to its customers at their stampede tent. Customers were able to check their wedding ring at the door for free and airbrush a fake golden glow on their ring finger. At the bar “Cowboys”  the waitresses have been known as well to wear skin tight t-shirts reading “It ain’t cheatin’, it’s Stampeding’!”


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