Jim Carrey’s Influence Knows No Bounds: Scotch Tape Selfie Trend Hit The Net

People on the internet have begun taking selfies with their faces wrapped in scotch tape. The idea has likely started from Jim Carrey’s 2008 film “yes Man” in which Jim did just this. After that movie came out an artist We Naman started taking pictures of peoples faces distorted by tape as well.

As of late though its become a full blown trend. It even has its own Facebook dubbed the Sellotape Selfie Fanpage(sellotape is a British term for scotch tape) which has over 245,000 likes and gets 100’s of submissions daily.

All images via the Sellotape Selfie Fanpage

sellotape-selfies-scotch-tape-portraits-8 sellotape-selfies-scotch-tape-portraits-2 sellotape-selfies-scotch-tape-portraits-4 sellotape-selfies-scotch-tape-portraits-6 sellotape-selfies-scotch-tape-portraits-7

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