Kids That Just Don’t Seem To Give A F**K Anymore

These kids seemed to just stop caring what people think about their actions. Its concerning but soo hilarious!

1.This kidĀ  nailed it in 4

2.Wearing a chain metal vest to school not on Halloween. Where I grew up that would be grounds for a beating!!enhanced-buzz-661-1443558929-13

3.This kid decided he’s had enough of schoolenhanced-buzz-1083-1443558511-6

4.Toothpaste everywhere except the toothbrush!!!!enhanced-buzz-1128-1443559390-16

5.This kid will NOT be patronized bu the school system


6. When you have at an early age given up on all your dreamsĀ  enhanced-buzz-5711-1443559843-17

7.He decided to use your own microphone for an interviewenhanced-buzz-7899-1443558785-7

8.When you give bullshit answers and clearly don’t careenhanced-buzz-9639-1443559019-7

9. This kid I’m pretty sure colored out side the lines on purpose and justified itenhanced-buzz-11135-1443561267-7

10.When you are so honest with yourself that nothing really makes sense enhanced-buzz-12038-1443561298-14

11. Of course superman shirts make us invincible like him. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING!!!!enhanced-buzz-12277-1443559476-7

12. Brutal honesty is always her best policyenhanced-buzz-17754-1443098069-5

13.When you try to smooth over the fact that you tried to kill someoneenhanced-buzz-18564-1443562209-9

14.What is this kid on prison?


15. “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Reminds me of Roger Ebert


16.Don’t care about being outside to enjoy the fresh airenhanced-buzz-22032-1443559831-8

17. This kid already knows her mission in life.Even though its terrifying!!enhanced-buzz-22863-1443559515-7

18. The answer is so obvious the teacher doesn’t even know itenhanced-buzz-27878-1443561048-10

19.WAAAAY to deep and disturbed for his ageenhanced-buzz-28831-1443102072-11

20. The way the real world works!!!enhanced-buzz-31239-1443561227-7