Kitten Saved from Being Fed to Pet Snake!


LINCOLN, CALIFORNIA —A small kitten is now almost ready for adoption at a Lincoln feline center after it was rescued from being fed to a man’s pet snake, officials stated Tuesday.

The FieldHaven Feline Center received a phone call Monday from a veterinary hospital that had taken in a 5-week-old Siamese kitten.

A woman reportedly rescued the kitten from a man who had every intention of feeding it to his pet snake. The woman promptly took the kitten to a veterinarian for its own safety, the feline center explained.

“Alarmingly, this is what can happen when people offer free kittens to the public,” FieldHaven Executive Director Joy Smith stated. “We need to let people know that this is not a thing of the past. This happened in the Sacramento area.”

Once the kitten received an exam and squeaky-clean bill of health, he was then taken to FieldHaven, where he will be available for adoption soon.

There was no available update on the man who intended to feed the kitten to his pet snake.

You may think this is an isolated incident but it is actually very common for any free pets given away to face an scary future. Many times dog are put into dog fighting rings. Many pet owners are not responsible as well. Maybe in the beginning they ill take care for their pet but eventually hen the pet becomes a problem they ill either kill it or throw the pet away. Sometimes they are sold to animal testing laboratories and have years pain inflicted on them.

Patricia Hervey of Texas, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of animals at her Bexar County home. Hervey prowled Craigslist for “free” animals, claimed to run an animal shelter near San Antonio, took money from dog owners to use to re-home them, then shot and killed them, dumping their bodies in a lake behind her home.