Laugh So Hard You Will Cry!! These Bear Videos Of The Week Won’t Disappoint!

These are the funniest videos and images we’ve found over the last week on imgur. They all brought a smile to our faces. Hope they will do the same to yours

Sandy Bears Down On the East Coast - Imgur
Sandy Bears Down On the East Coast. Or maybe listening for the train to come.

bears in tree

Care Bears Don’t F##k Around
Care Bears don't fuck around. - Imgur

Didn’t You Know? Bears Can Be Such D##ks
Bears are dicks - Imgur

Zombie Bears-creepy as hell
Sun Bears are creepy - Imgur

If Bears had a strip-pole
A Bear Strippole

Why I don't trust polar bears.  - Imgur

Why Even Bears are afraid sometimes.
Even bears are afraid of big cats - Imgur

Gummy Bears=fun for hours - Imgur

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