Man Calls 911 To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

As reported by ABC news

Last Thursday in West Melbourne, Florida a man tried to avoid a speeding ticket by calling 911 adn reporting a potential murder to divert the officer elsewhere to avoid the ticket.

According to the officer as soon as his back was turned Julius Lupowitz, 52 dialed 911

You can hear clearly on the call he made to 911 that hes saying someone is going to get shot

Soon after the call Police officers were dispatched to the scene, but the officer who originally pulled over Lupowitz stayed put.

While the officers were investigating the potential murder 911 dispatchers tracked down the name of the caller announced it over the police radio, which alerted the officer standing next to Lupowitz.

“Our officer was standing at the door of Mr. Lupowitz’s vehicle and realized, at that point, that this was the same person that was making the 911 calls,” said Lt. Cordeau.

Now instead of a $200 speeding ticket, Lupowitz is, according to authorities, now facing a felony charge with a five-year maximum prison term.