Man Decides To Ride A Wild Moose

A drunk Canadian guy and his friends spotted a moose swimming in a lake. One of them decided it was a good idea to jump on its back and ride it while it was swimming.

It may seem awesome to them but its really not a good idea for a number of reasons.

1)First off its illegal to harass wildlife and from what CBC news states just below the video is he has been reported. BC conservation officers are investigating and will charge them when found.

2)People are scared of bears all the time but should actually be more worried about moose. There are actually more moose attacks causing death in Canada yearly than bear attacks causing death. Why?
-they are about 10 ft tall when adults
-can weight over a ton
-have a head as hard as a rock
-they are very territorial
-if they have babies with them they will vigorously defend them
-they have highly evolved antlers designed for no other reason than to hurt or murder with.
-people generally underestimate them.There have also been a number of death while people were STILL IN THEIR CAR. Don’t think you are safe there either. They will charge it especially at night with your lights on.

So lets just respect the murderous moose OK? That guys lucky to be alive after that.