Man Destroys His New Truck To Rescue A Cat

A man in Florida cut open his new truck to save a kitten inside. Erran Frazier thought that he might be going crazy as he was hearing purring inside his truck every day. He thought it sounded like a cat so decided to leave some food by his truck over night with a camera to see if he could catch anything. The next day he found the can empty but did to capture any video footage of a cat.

Later he decided to go fishing and began hearing the sounds of a kitten crying return. That’s when he decided to rip open his truck to find the cat. He used some metal sheet cutters and peeled back the metal to discover a cat inside. He immediately drove to the nearest animal human e society where the staff helped to pull the kitten to safety.

On top of it all this Erran gave the cat to the Vero Beach humane society. The cat was adopted by 2 girls that ended up naming the cat Megan.

The Humane Society was so impressed with Erran’s they set up a truck repair fund to hep fix his truck. As of now they have received more than enough to fix his truck many times over.

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