News Stories You’d Only See In Canada

Being Canadian I condtsnatly see and hear stories online that paint a picture of Canada being this country filled with lumberjacks drinking maple syrup andliving in igloo’s. Maybe we ride a local polar bear to work? These stories are legit from Canada and even made me go WTF?!

1.Hmm you don’t see that everyday
flying bear

2.A Mad beaver stopped traffic in Miramichi New Brunswick. Huffington Post
mad beaver

3.Quebec police have arrested up to 18 people in a maple syrup heist. Read more here

4.It has now become a dream of mine to see a moose using a urinal since seeing this.

5.Its so cold in Canada even shadows freeze. Not really but ice rain is bad here.

6.The most Canadian police chase ever: Alberta Mounties bum ride on snowmobile to chase stolen John Deere tractor
canadian car chase

7.A beaver arsonist chewed down a tree causing the electrical line to set on fire which ended up causing a brush fire. Read more
arsonist beaver

8.A story of crime in Canada. Ontario thief returns stolen goods, leaves $50 for damages –  CBC News
stolen goods

9. Canadian break-dancing

10.Canadian Tire built a fully functioning truck made out of ice
ice truck