None Of These Road Rage Incidents Went The Way You’d Expect

As more and more vehicles fill up our roads, the road rage incidents are increasing.They don’t always have to end up badly though. Its a habit that we’ve learned from our culture and so it can be just as easily unlearned.

The examples are the strangest and funniest I’ve ever seen

1.This incident happened in Russia. Imagine having to explain this to police later.Road Rage - Imgur

2.I’m pretty sure the guy in the shorts is used to these kinds of situations.
You picked the wrong car to road rage on! - Imgur

3.I’ll bet the next day in the paper the other guy said”No Bra, It was my fault. I’M SORRY!”
canadian road rage

4. I can’t see your dam brake lights. Here let me help. I’m so sorry to have to touch your car. At first I thought this was in Canada but the depressing looking apartments gave it away as being Russian.
+1 For Russia
Canadian road rage. - Imgur

cat road rage

6.+2 for Russia
Awkward road rage moment - Imgur

7.It would be epic if the driver filming would just politely give the finger and wave with a smug smile
Road rage instant karma - Imgur