On a Trip To The Doctor Man Discovers He Can Get Pregnant

(Picture: Wikicommons)
(Picture: Wikicommons)


The picture above shows what could be a possibility for the unnamed man.

A 37 year old British man was in shock after an MRI scan after finding out he has a womb. Theoretically he could then have a baby as well. It reminded me of Arnold Swarznegger in the movie “Junior”


Initially he decided to go to the doctor and get checked after he found blood in his urine.

They discovered that he has a working set of female reproductive organs. Having these caused him to have periods like women(thus the blood in the urine) and even the possibility to get pregnant.

The doctors diagnosed it as M llerian duct syndrome (PMDS). Which is a rare condition where a person has external male genitalia and internal female reproductive organs.

After finding out this bombshell revelation he immediately got scheduled for removal of the female organs.

He was in a relationship with a woman, had a normal sex life and didn’t think he was any different from other men

It is estimated that around 120 babies in the UK are born with persistent M llerian duct syndrome every year.The conditionĀ  has also been foundĀ  in dogs as well as other animals.

It is estimated that approximately 0.3% of the population is transgender. Born With a mixture of female and male sex organs