Once Upon A Time Lived A Real Blue Man….

If you are into living a healthy lifestyle you may have heard about colloidal metals or in particular colloidal silver. You may want to rethink taking that stuff anymore after reading this.

Enthusiasts of colloidal silver believe the metal’s antibacterial properties will keep them from getting sick. There’s no clinical proof that it actually works. On the other hand there is definitive proof that taking too much can leave people permanently blue like a Smurf.

There was once a man named Paul Karson. After self medicating he overdosed on taking colloidal silver and it turned his skin a blue/silvery color. He rose to fame on the inter-webs a few years back due to his unique condition and came to be known The colloidal silver man, the real blue man or sometimes referred to as papa smurf.

small_blue man
Paul Karlson pictured here with his wife whom he actually met after his condition took hold


The medical name for it called Argyria has been found a few times before. Other famously known patients are Rosemary Jacobs and Stan Jones. Apparently they all lived fairly long and healthy lives.

Rosemary overdosed on silver when taking nose drops pescibed by a dermatologist to her for reoccurring allergies. Jones now runs a website alerting people to the dangers of taking silver.


Stan Jones condition was caused by his fear of Y2K back in the day that it would cause antibiotics to be come available.

Jones made his home-made colloidal silver brew by using tap water and salt with a battery colloidal silver generator. He would let his generator run for an hour, which produced an abundance of silver chloride, and also larger particles of silver. He would drink at least eight ounces or more of his concoction containing an extremely high concentration of silver daily for at least two years.
Colloidal silver blue man 3 stan jones
The funny thing about him is that to this day he thinks nothing of it and still promotes it to people as a home remedy.


With him dead I have only one question, “With papa smurf dead, who will lead us against Gargamel!?

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