Ordinary US Men Are Turning Into Mercenaries To Kill ISIS

There is a group of ordinary men in South Florida are training to go overseas to find and kill ISIS members. They are not getting paid to do this according to the groups leader Suleiman Yousef. They all have ordinary jobs and just want to protect the innocent victims of ISIS.

Surprisingly they are heading not to the middle east but to the Philippians hired by an undisclosed company. recently the Black Flag movement has pledged allegiance to the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It may seem that what they are doing is brave and selfless but there is really good money in private security. The company G6S is paying people up to 500k/year to do this and some U.S. marine corps have come forward saying its better to join the military than go private. Private contractors aren’t governed by the same rules of engagement that US military personnel are. This can give them an edge but also may just make a bigger mess of the situation there.