Organ Harvesting-China Is Forcing Nearly 90,000 Of Its Prisoners To Donate Organs

oragan 2Medical professionals and human rights advocates at The International Coalition To End Organ Pillaging In China have published a damning report which examines the transplant activity at hundreds of hospitals in China.

It states that China is forcing its prisoners to donate their organs. Its believed that nearly 90,000 prisoners have taken part in this.

China is of course denying claims of this saying that yearly they harvest closer to 10,000 organs.

There is a huge black market for organ  transplants around the world. Especially in China where their organ donation levels have struggled to receive voluntary organ donations due to culture concerns. Unfortunately there are too many people in need and the list is long to wait for an organ.

Protest groups and Amnesty International are advocating on the prisoners behalf.

Co-author of the report Ethan Gutmann says that “Even if voluntary donations of organs have gone up, they can’t reach this level. This is live organ harvesting.”

It also seems that China is targeting the incarcerated followers of Falun Gong religion. Falun Gong has tens of millions of followers in China but in 1999 the Communist Party leadership initiated a nationwide crackdown to eradicate the practice.


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