Pay To Work For A Vacation?: Weirdest Vacations Ever

Vacations are meant to rejuvenate your body and mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. These vacations go more than a little beyond the norm. How would you like to pay to work for vacation? Believe it or not its actually happening.

1)An Igloo village retreat


At the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Greenland you can pretend you are an Inuit and live their lifestyle. Some of the features include Dog sledding, traveling to frozen fjords, visiting deserted villages, and sleeping in an icy cave.

2)Seagaia Ocean Dome
This used to be the world’s only fully indoor beach dome. It featured a fake volcano, fake sand, fake fish and fauna, a steady 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and water park rides. The beach was about 984 feet long and had a retractable roof that mimicked a permanent blue sky. It was located in Miyazaki, Japan but was shut down after its 14 year run in 2007.

3)Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Just imagine for around 10k you can skip your luxurious Caribbean cruise and go to a pile of floating garbage in the middle of the pacific ocean. Its called the great pacific garbage patch about the size of Texas. Its become famous for it’s high concentrations of plastic waste, chemical sludge, and debris trapped by the underwater currents of the North Pacific Gyre (a swirling pattern of oceanic currents). When you go on a vacation here you will help clean the ocean and save local wildlife by operating a trawl that collects waste from the ocean and haul it back to shore.Hmmm sounds like you are paying to work? Just a thought but if you are looking for a vacation in Toronto you can come to work for us and pay us for it 🙂


4)A Giraffe Manor

Imagine eating breakfast with a giraffe. There is a hotel nestled in a Nairobi, Kenya suburb that is surrounded by some of the most endangered Rothschild giraffes in Kenya. It lets guests feed giraffes from their breakfast tables, or through the front door, or through their own hotel room windows.

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