People Are Actually Getting An LSD-like High Off Eating This Fish

I first took note of the Salema Porgy after I had learnt that in ancient Rome it was actually consumed for recreational uses as it induces an LSD-like effect.

The Salema porgy (Sarpa salpa), a species of sea bream found in the East Atlantic known in the Arabic world as “the fish that makes dreams,”

According to Wikipedia there have been reports like this”

“In 2006, when two men ingested it at a Mediterranean restaurant and began to experience many auditory and visual hallucinogenic effects. These hallucinations, described as frightening, were reported to have occurred minutes after the fish was ingested and had a total duration of 36 hours”


Researchers speculate that the drug-like effects are actually caused from the sea-algae called Caulerpa prolifera that the fish eats.