People Are Now Smoking Scorpions To Get High In Pakistan

scorpion-smoking-600x428Once an unfortunate scorpion is caught, it is either cooked under the harsh heat of the sun or in a traditional stove. Afterwards the burnt tail is ripped from its pitiful corpse and grounded into a fine powder to be smoked with Hashish (known locally as Charas) and tobacco or using a small pipe used for inhaling drugs.

The practice of using scorpions to get high isn’t new neither exclusive to KP. In parts of India, the method is quicker and less unfortunate for the scorpion; addicts gather around an individual holding the creature and   take turns to get their “sting of pleasure”.

Killing Scorpions

While no widespread survey has been conducted to find the extent of its prevalence, it s believed that the crippling addiction is detrimental to the scorpion population in the country. Scorpions are useful for making medicines for a number of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and HIV.  The long term impact of this rising addiction will leave more people affected than just the people addicted.