People That Gambled On A Fart And Lost

Everyone has been in one of those positions wondering should or shouldn’t i fart. After all flatulence is natural and normal. These are reasons why you shouldn’t just let go with reckless abandon whenever ad wherever you feel like it. Because frankly with farts you just can’t trust them

1. This is what happens when you gamble on a taco bell fart
When you gamble on a Taco Bell fart, nobody wins. - Imgur

2.If you are gonna show off your underwear just make sure its clean

3.Animals will get scared
When you gamble on a fart.  And lose. - Imgur

4.You don’t wanna end up like this marijuana cowboy riding the Hershey highway

5.You will grossed out yourself and you’ll have to walk around with that squishy feeling in your pants
MFW I take a gamble on a fart and lose. - Imgur

6.Cats will look at you like you are the devil
MRW Im watching a good TV show and gamble on a fart...and lose... - Imgur

7.If you are gonna party hard you might need diapers

8.If you are at a social gathering you’ll quickly become the object of scorn

9.Some people will even err your mistakes publicly for all to see and be disgusted with

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