People That Just Don’t Care Anymore

You might want to think twice before posting anything online. Most of the time it will be there forever. Your family or kids or employer could very easily see it. For these people however no fucks were given.


When people fart right in front of you even when they know it will stink they just don’t care

When people piss in the middle of the street in front of a cop they really really don’t give a shit anymore

When people teach their kids stupid shit like this they don’t give a single fuck anymore

When you take an after sex selfie and immediately regret it and then post it on Instagram you clearly don’t care it the world will see it
ce9035d3a3edc3ab5484953a10e74910When you take a selfie and don’t check the background you don;t care anymore.

dildo-selfieWhen you take a selfie with a loaded gun and accidentally kill yourself. I don’t think it was a selfie. You just didn’t care anymore

ishodom-nepriyatnym-selfi-zhiznenno-komiks_949973847When you take a during sex selfie and post it on Instagram you don’t care what your kids and family will think when they see it one day.

imagesWhen you decide to take a piss in the middle of a subway car surrounded by people taking your picture. clearly no fucks were given

peeingWhen you are having sex in the bathroom and don’t care if people are watching you. You don’t care. Awesome selfie though.

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