Peter Thorpe’s Quirky Dog Inspired Holiday Cards

Peter Thorpe a professional photographer has been using dressing up his dogs and making quirky taking photographs of them since 1990. He uses the photos for holiday greeting cards.
peter thorpe
It started with his first dog paddy. He eventually died and since then his new dog Raggle (who is officially retired now), has been Peter’s model of choice since 2006.

He has been dressing  up his dogs in various festive themed scenes while taking the shots in his Bristol studio.

You might think that Raggle might not like this but Peter is quick to dispel any naysayers.

‘I thought this may be impossible but Raggle is a true star. She is a very sweet and gentle dog, and is very happy to be dressed briefly for the photos.

‘We don’t make her do anything she doesn’t like. And she always gets a treat afterwards.’

Mr Thorpe said: ‘This will be her final performance before her retirement due to old age. She still responds very well to tasty food so we lifted her on to the set for just a few minutes.’

Taking these photos has become a family tradition in their household with the entire family helping out. Mrs. Thorpe helps set up shots and and their children have also been featured in the cards as well over the years.

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Want to see more? You can see more of Peter’s work at his website here or his blog here


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