Quirky And Cool Street Art From David Zinn

On the streets of Ann Arbor Michigan David Zinn’s drawings are are being found well… everywhere. Using only chalk and charcoal he is making in his words are trompe l’oeil illusions.

I’m going to chalk this up to a decent local art community.
(Yes the pun was intended!!!!!);-)
9 - pCfsjPN 1 - x6GuuWm 2 - WPHyuH2 3 - zYSLZah 4 - Kzkn4aZ 5 - ha3BMck 6 - n1WkJG8 7 - 8BJB8OI 8 - n1gLJYG

If your sold on his genius, he created a book with many more drawings similar to these that you can feast your eyes on. You can find the book  at his shop here.

Want to see more but don’t want to buy the book? Check his FB page here

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