6 Reasons Why People Should Keep Their Tongue In Their Mouth And Not Kiss In Public

Be a responsible public kisser. A quick peck on the cheek is an acceptable way of greeting people but then there are always people that take it too far. If you find yourself in one of these situations you now know you’ve gone too far.


1)You are a horrible kisser

Two virgins (who had also never kissed each other) kissing for the first time on their wedding day.  Just a bit awkward. - Imgur






2)When your partner doesn’t want to kiss but you do

Bryan Cranston Kissing Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Imgur

3)When you have a make out session too close to others making them unconfortable

Best reaction to seeing Justin Bieber kissing anyone. - Imgur

4)If you fail you’ll look like a loser for trying

Bill and Hillary Clinton kissing fail - Imgur

5)You make lonely people feel even lonelier.  1 part jealousy, 1 part sad 1/2 part disgust

As a single woman this is how I feel when I see couples kissing in public - Imgur

So now you’ve been warned. If this happens in the future to you don’t blame us

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