Runny Nose? Make Sure Its Not Brain Fluid

Joe Nagy thought he had a runny nose for over 18 months. Originally he thought was allergies due to the dry Arizona weather. Usually his nose would start running once or twice a week. Sometimes worsening when he would sit u p ion bed. After  while though it started running constantly. It got to the point where his pockets would fill up with tissue paper

Finally Joe decided to go tot the doctor after noticing his allergy medication was having no affect. He was shocked to learn that his brain was actually leaking fluid. The doctor found that the membrane surrounding his brain actually had a hole in it which was allowing fluid to leak out.

Dr.Nakaji  a neurosurgeon for the Barrow Neurological Institute explained that we can create about 12 ounces of brain fluid each day. It does this to keep the brain from drying out which is why Joe’s brain was constantly running.

The surgery that Joe Nagy had to go through was fairly in-evasive. All they had to do was enter through the nose and essentially glue it up . They used a bit of cartilage from his nose to to seal it up.

If you are concerned you might be experiencing the same thing you should see a specialist immediately. One thing you can do to recognize if you think you might have a problem is to look for  clear fluid (brain fluid) instead of a yellowish phlegmy fluid(mucus). There could be various cause’s for this like some sort of head trauma.

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