Shocking Parasitic Fly Infestations of Humans

This is what a bot fly looks like

In case you’ve never heard of a Botfly, they are a parasitic breed sometimes called warble flies, heel flies or gadflies or mangoflys. They look pretty harmless..but its all a ruse.

When they lay their eggs it is usually in the flesh of mammals. Usually in animals but sometimes in humans as well called it is called myiasis. And YES they lay eggs in humans as well!

As the larvae grow they feed on the hosts flesh. Approximately 30 eggs are deposited at a time. The larvae can stay in the host for up to 11 months.

The image below shows an infection of a dog*thumbs*video*12*9794.jpg/
This is a compilation of from Dr.M  on YouTube  of probably the most disgusting bot fly removals ever.

WARNING IT VERY GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video shows the infestation and removal of bot worms from people.

Maybe you’ll ant to rethink here you are living after this and make some changes. Here is a list of the healthiest countries in the world. And yah with no botflys


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