So You Like Rare Cheese? Care For Some Human Belly Button Cheese?

human cheese 2So you like to be an adventurous foodie? How about some rare cheeses? There have been some experiments recently in cheese making that go a little into the yuck territory.

Two women started a project called “Selfmade” recently have teamed up to create 11 human cheeses.Sissel Tolaas who is an expert at making scents for perfumes and such and a biologist Christina Agapakis have taken bacteria from different areas of the human body from artists,writers and cheese makers. Areas like the belly buttons, feet, mouths, and tears.

Initially is was first unveiled at an October 2013 at the “Grow Your Own” exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin and of course was mainly met with complete disgust and revulsion. Agapakis explained later that “These cheeses are meant only as ‘food for thought,’ ” And not really for human consumption. The guests were not allowed to eat the cheese anyways not that they would since they smelled of the body parts they came from like armpits and stinky feet.

There are other people however that are serious about getting human cheese consumed on a large scale.

Daniel Angerer is a restaurant owner and chef in new york. Back in 2010 he decided to serve cheese made from his wife’s nursing breast milk at this restaurant. After critics blasted it and compared it to cannibalism the new york health depart forbid him from making it again

One other cheese that comes close to being just as disgusting is called the Casu Marzu or “Maggot Cheese” from Sardinia. casu marzu
Cheese fly larvae is added to the cheese mixture. Upon oping there are fully formed fly maggots inside the cheese. Some remove them and others don’t. People that choose to eat with the larvae in have to hold the cheese tightly ad eat it fast as the maggots which are alive tend to jump as much as 6 inches.

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