Some People Always Have To Take Things Too Far

We all know some people always have to outdo others. Maybe they think it makes them superior or the best. Probably from lack of self-confidence. Sometimes even if it doesn’t make any sense to do so. Many times people just wind doing incredibly stupid things.

1.This guy couldn’t wait 2 minutes for instant noodles to finish
Extreme noodles - Imgur

2.People just couldn’t leave the waffle cone alone. They had to go and add chicken to it. Blasphemous!!!!!
Chicken and waffle cone at Wisconsin state fair - Imgur

3.This guy just had to go and grow this thing on his face. Maybe on an alien planet in guardians of the galaxy this might be cool

4.This woman just had to go and grow these over sized claws. Nasty!!!
A leghosszabb körmű ember-113804_0_big

5.These people were so lazy that they all had to take the elevator. I guess they didn’t notice that there was no one using ht empty stairway right beside them.

6.This guy just had to go and do extreme ironing

7.We all know lady gaga always has to do the craziest shit. At least shes doing it to make money.

8.This guy had to go and grow a beard hat probably cause it will protect him to well against the rain. lol

9.Because fuck talking things out. A rolling back flip is a better negotiating tool.
Extreme Diplomacy!  - Imgur

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