Sometimes You Just Stop Trying Like They Did

Let’s face it life it tough sometimes. Sometimes we all feel like giving up and just throwing in the towel for the day. Thas happens for people and animals alike sometimes in the cutest ways though.

1)Like this dog that gave up
it's heavly snowing! - Imgur

2)Like this duck that gave up.

3)his older co-worker tried to do a presentation. this is what it looked like. He must be the 40 year old internet virgin. WHY! so many toolbars????
internet virgin

4)This guy gave up on shaving half way though
give up on shaving

5)Like this guy that gave up on college
college gave up

6)Like this person that was too lazy to get a tree and just decorated their cat castle
Xmas tree

7)Like this cafe owner did after the 13th C was stolen from his store sign
arousal cafe

8)Like this cat gave up on life after being dressed for the first time
My cat gave up on life after I put clothes on her - Imgur

9)Even though this retriever gave up he’s easily the most adorable swiffer I’ve ever seen!
1 - ndfp5mr

2 - vdNr0GN

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