Storefronts Will Never Be The Same After These People’s Take On What They Should Look Like

The whole purpose of a storefront is to create interest and draw customers into the stores little world. These store owners may or may not realize it but they are on the cutting edge of storefront design

1.An Apple store in NewYork
Creative use of stickers is a very cost effective way to transform your store into something special. Great thing about it they are cheap to replace as well. A special broken-glass sticker was placed on the window of an Apple Store to promote the latest Apple product















2.The Guitar Store  Front

A Southampton  store owner wanted to make sure no one would mistake what they were selling so he redesigned the front to look like an old Fender Super Champ amp, with real knobs and switches! Manager Jamie says: “The jewel light comes on at night, and best of all, the knobs go up to eleven! That’s right, we are the guitar shop that goes to eleven!”


Clever Guitar Shop - Imgur
















3. Anelectronics store in Japan
In the land of HI-Tech Japan this store fornt was actually built long ago. It may seem like it was recently bui;t  but Japan has als been ahead of the curve in electronics. That being said you cannot deny it is  serious eye candy

















4.Salon Mittermeier in  Austria

A hair salon in Germany features a clever design, with a wavy strand of hair imitated through the jet-cut laminated sheets.





















5.Quarter Shoes in  London

A shop in Camden, London, has a ginaat yellow converse shoe stivcking out of the side of of its shop . The shoe also has its web address on it the shoe also bares the company’s website address. In fact if you look at the store next to it with the giant model of a woman legs donning balck pants as well as many other stores on the sam estreet have eye catching designs.


6.The Swarovski ‘Crystal Forest’ in  Tokyo

Swarovski has its Flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. So of course it has to be coolest looking of the bunch. The entire store front is covered in stainless steel mirrors with nothing but its logo in the middle. On a sunny day its almost blinding from tall the light that is being reflected from the mirrors


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