Strange Natural Happenings That Will Make You Think The End is coming

I don’t know it the world is coming but sure as hell don’t waste it listening to REM

1.Mushrooms that glow in the dark. Mycena lucentipes is what they are called are found in an old growth Atlantic Forest habitat in southern Brazil.
2. A rare cloud occurrence
mammutus clouds
3.This is what happens when mother nature is pissed. Sinkhole alert!!
3.Literally a wall of fog
fog wall
4.Reminds me of a scene from the tom cruise movie “War Of The Worlds”
5.This is when Zeus is pissed
sinkhole in ocean
6.Another wall of fog
Edge of a vertical wall of fog - Imgur
7.People laying on the beach in Marquette. Oh yeah, and a lake full of ice practically in June.
8.At Sunset in Cape Town South Africa. reminds me of the Stephen King movie about the monsters in the fog
cape town  south africa
9.Hmmm I didn’t know lightening travels sideways
lightening in sydney
10.Oh, great. Lightning mixing in with volcanic ash. That’s always a good sign.
volcano lightening

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