The Creator Of The Frisbee Gets Turned Into A Frisbee

920x920Back in February the original creator (Edward Headrick, 78) of the Frisbee died.

Just before he died however he said he wanted his ashes to be mixed into new versions of the famous plastic disc and his family hopes these limited-edition Frisbees which could be sold to help fund a museum in his honor.

In addition to being the maker of the Frisbee he is also considered the father of disc golf, which involves throwing a Frisbee into a metal cage, a sport now played by millions, according to Freestyle Frisbee Association’s Web site.


The Frisbee as first brought into the world back in the 1957  and as called the Pluto Platter

Now his family is trying to figure out how they can carry out his last wishes.

And in case you wondering “Yeah so what, who cares?”This dude would be a celebrity in the world of Tron!!!!