The World’s Largest Transparent Bridge Set To Open In July In China

28DCC40000000578-3087955-If_you_have_vertigo_look_away_The_world_s_highest_and_longest_gl-a-25_1432047864694If you are scared of heights then this is one place you will not want to go.Especially with China’s record of bridge collapses.

China will have its grand opening of the Zhangjiajie Skywalk (a transparent bridge made of glass) that is 980ft in the air and stretches a quarter of a mile across a canyon in the Hunan province.

28DCC76400000578-3087955-The_skywalk_will_hover_over_a_nail_biting_980ft_drop_and_can_hol-a-20_1432047864552When the bridge opens in July it will hold a world record for the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge. For comparison the grand canyon is at 718ft high.

It is stated that it can hold up to 800 Chinese tourists at once. But I wonder really how many US tourists it can hold. 🙂

There are currently even plans already to hold fashion shows there.

28DCC39400000578-3087955-Israeli_architect_Haim_Dotan_was_behind_the_ambitious_venture_wh-a-21_1432047864555The  park that it overlooks was actually the inspiration behind James Cameron’s Avatar movie. It boasts over 3,000 sandstone pillars.

28DCC68A00000578-3087955-Visitors_will_be_able_to_marvel_at_the_stunning_Zhangjiajie_nati-a-23_1432047864576It that isn’t enough for you there are plans in the works as well to have the worlds highest bungee jump also just beating out Macau Tower’s 764ft-high attraction.


Last month there was a similar attraction that opened up in

28DCA68C00000578-3087955-With_jaw_dropping_panoramic_views_from_its_observation_deck_it_i-a-27_1432047864713 28DCA60E00000578-3087955-Located_in_the_Longgang_National_Geological_Park_the_bridge_has_-a-24_1432047864596 28DCA7DF00000578-3087955-The_park_is_limiting_it_to_just_30_people_at_a_time_to_ensure_vi-a-28_1432047864719south-west China in Chongqing, which extended 87.5ft from the edge of a cliff.  making it the largest cantilever bridge in the world

Visitors are suspended in the air with 2,350ft of valley below their feet, leaving them feel as though they are walking on air. 

Located in the Longgang National Geological Park, the bridge has been named Yuanduan, meaning ‘at the end of the clouds’.