These 8 New Beers Put The “Strange” In “Strange Brew”

I’m not really a beer guy but these are now on my bucket list. They do a great job of adding a little more adventure into pub crawling.

1.sriracha-beer-cropChili Sauce Beer
The Rogue brewery have actually created a beer incorporating everyone’s favorite chilli sauce creating a  Sriracha hot stout beer. A nice mixture of hot sauce and cold beer gives it the perfect balance.

2.Bacon Maple Beer

Voodoo decided to team up with some well known Oregon do-nut makers to create a one of a kind bacon maple beer. i tried this last month one morning when i was hungover more as a joke that i could eat breakfast while getting plastered. Maybe this is their offering for the 24 hour drinker. It taste like smoky meat mixed with  maple syrup or like when you dip your bacon in that leftover pancake syrup. Except with booze. And no its Pepto bismol!!!


3.Marijuana Beer

Reddhook decide dot celebrate the legalization of marijuana by creating a bong inspired beer bottle with hemp in it.  Hops used in beer are actually similar to hemp buds although there is no THC in it to get high on.

It’s labeled as “A dubious collaboration between two buds”.
Upon opening a bottle you get the immediate scent of JointEfforta hippie concert.

4.Dessert Beer

Southern Tier Crème Brûlée Stout. You now have the ability to drink your dessert and get wasted at the same time. At 9.6% It should be pretty easy to do so,It’s like Harry Potter turned his wand on an actual crème brûlée and beer-ified it… a college-aged Harry Potter who was tired of raiding Dumbledore’s liquor cabinet and only finding low-alcohol butterbeer.





5.Bull testicle beer

Wynkoop Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout designed after prairie oysters not sea oysters. Unlike stouts that use not-testicle oysters for a faintly briny flavor, this stout has a meaty mouth feel and a smoky flavor. That will tend to  happen when you’re drinking roasted bovine balls.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout - Wynkoop Brewing Company

6.Habanero Beer

The Ballast Point Beer is another spicy beer but with habenaro peppers instead of chili peppers mixed with India pale ale.


7.Budweiser & Clamato Chelada

Its supposed to be a mixture of the best Budweiser beers mixed with vegetable juice like a spicy V8. The reviews are really bad online. I managed to find some up here in Toronto and tried it. It tasted all right. like a Cesar with beer instead of vodka but it looked like red/pink colored beer.

8. Slippery Pig Pickle Sour

I could not locate some to try but from the reviews online its said to taste like a sour cucumber in your beer. That may sound bad but a lot of beers are favored for their sourness and it got decent reviews.

slippery pig


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