These 8 People Prove That Being A Criminal Is Stupid In Hilarious Ways

1. As I’m looking at this I cant help but wonder why don’t they just taser the lake?
Suspect in my hometown jumped into the middle of a pond to avoid arrest; standoff ensued. - Imgur

2. This was found on yahoo answers. Sounds legit

3.Somebody quick add the music to mission impossible!
Best police chase EVER! - Imgur

4.I don’t think the driver should be charged with anything due to their amazing driving ability

5.This guy who thought it would be a good idea to run away from the police right to their own car and then practically fall on the floor for them

6.This guy really needs to look before he runs

7.Someone really needs a belt. Function over form buddy!


8.This guy eats this paper so coolly and casually it makes me wonder how many times hes done this before?

Image Chan
Image Chan

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