These 8 Xmas Trees Are Just Sad :-)

1) This guy was goining for teh minimalist look. Maybe a little too minamilist

2)This guys tree was poorly decorated that to avoid embarassment he photoshopped the ornaments on before posting it to facebook. BTW massive FAIL
xmas trees1

3)This chirstmas tree was so sad that the residents asked teh city to tear it down. Branches and crap were fallinf off of it and hartmanugly-tree1

4)This is why we don’t put Xmas lights on palm trees.
palm tree

5)This is what’s known as an Australian Xmas tree. I guess they are big FANS of Xmas

6)But….It smells soo real! Doesn’t matter. I’m sure the cat will find some way to destroy it.
air freshener

7)The lazy man’s Xmas Tree

8)This guy’s GF won’t let him use this as a Xmas tree. I wonder why?

The only thing that bothers me here is that he’s drinking EXTRA DRY!!!! WTF!!!!
beer tree

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