These People Are Going Places In Life. Most Likely The ER

These 9 classic slide wipeouts are below are your fail pleasure of the day.

  1. So graceful the way his feet ark in the air!!

2I think he took out a chunk of grass with his face

3.The title says it all really
03 - zmHFJaH

4.I think he’s dead now
07 - 5OdJ8JW

5. The old Sideways somersault
08 - 75K2p2X

6.Good thing that mud as there and not broken glass 🙂
12 - M7TNBLb

7.He never even got started!!

8. I’m surprised there isn’t blood there. She took her sidewalk nose job rather well

9.This woman is the definition of a human bowling ball. Only got a single this time though!!