These Weird,Disgusting And Gross Facts Will Make You Think Twice About Getting A Pet

People and especially kids always want to get a pet. they think they are so cute and cuddly and is like an extension of the family but if they really knew the problems associated with owning a pet they might think twice.

1.They swallow and eat weird things that you will have to deal with eventually
My husband and I can officially check pull a balloon string out of a cat's asshole at 1130 at night off our bucket list. FINALLY - Imgur

2.If you are lucky you will only have to deal with they puking once in a while but usually they frequently have fecal issues such as shitting in places they shouldn’t or have or get diarrhea often

3.You will have to deal with your pets weird or perverted sexual hangups. Cats and especially birds think petting is foreplay. If you plan on owning turtles be prepared to deal with weird penis fanning issues. And yeah you may have to help him put it back in afterwards. Seriously:NOT KIDDING

4.Iguanas Know when women are menstruating. During their mating season which lasts about 3 months and smells blood on you or a women in your household is menstruating they can smell it and will actually try to attack you more than often



5.Know matter how much you love your pet they may still treat you with disdainanigif_enhanced-buzz-25979-1414617960-22

6.You will have to deal with your pet eventually dying. And after all that….
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7. Many Pets carry diseases with them or contract them and then pass them on to you or your family. From dogs or cats you can catch ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, diarrhea, Salmonella(which in some case sis lethal) etc. etc. You get the picture.
Dog Diseases

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