They Found A Swan Gasping For Breathe. Wait Until You See What They Did With Him.


They found this swan wheezing and gasping for breathe on the side of a canal in Penketh Cheshire. Wait until you see what they did with him.

Along the Penketh canal a passersby heard swan wheezing for breath as the swan desperately tried to stay afloat. Upon closer inspection they found a swan with two crossbow arrows in it. One in its windpipe and another directly through its skull. The rescuers quickly called the RSPCA to come down and see what they could do.

When the officers arrived they couldn’t believe it was still alive. He was quickly rushed to vet Alan Humphreys who carried out an emergency operation to remove the arrows and insert a tube into the side of the swan’s body which allowed him to breathe normally.

Normally most animals would have died from an injury like this but swans have special air-sac system attached to their lungs which allows them to retain air for long periods of time

Amazingly 3 weeks after the emergency procedure he was able to return to the wild with his windpipe and skull having healed enough.

Another surprise awaited them. When returning him to the same area as he was found in they found his mate waiting there for him the entire time. I guess swans really do mate for life



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  • July 11, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    I think it only fair to return the arrows to the owner, point first and at a great velocity.

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