Things That Are A Nightmare For Drunk People

I was watching the news on Thursday about a drunk threesome people were caught in the act right in a streetcar during rush-hour. So I started wondering if the people involved in the tryst regretted it and all the other things drunk hate and regret and voila! This list appeared.

1.Everywhere you go the environment is a challenge to navigate
I don't think I will ever be able to survive this place whilst being drunk - Imgur
2.Passing out in crazy places
3.When you are passed out the evil side of people shows through and they do sick stuff to you
4.Your stomach starts fighting back
5.You only lose important stuff
6.Making out with all the wrong people everywhere you shouldn’t
7.Picking fights for no reason at all

8.You eat way to much food and any diet you are on goes out the window
eating too much
9.Your anus pays the price in the morning and you basically are peeing from your anus
10.You tell everyone your deep dark secrets you you never should have
11.You are a drunk superhero by your standards and feel the need to prove it to everyone.
drunk superhero
12.You think you are the most underrated comedian ever
funny drunk
13.You piss off and offend everyone around you
14.You make impulse buys
15. You think you can actually sing

16. Have wild crazy emotional highs and lows. One minute you love everyone and the next hate them them all.
funny and sad
BTW if you can read the article about the threesome here

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