Things That Will Make You Sweat Like A Cornered Nun

Everyone gets nervous from time to time. It really depends on your lifestyle. And of course there are ways of controlling it. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do it. Below is a list of things I regularly get nervous about. Can you relate?

1)Test taking time
Have a huge Property & Casualty test tomorrow morning. Can't even sit still, I'm so nervous. D; - Imgur

2)Your first kiss

3)A marriage proposal


4)Your first day at your first job

first day

6)Jumping off a plane


7)Trying any kind of daredevilish stunt



8)Being introduced to a new owner for the first time
nervous cat
9)Going to the dentist. This dentist however brings his dog to the office to calm the nerves of children. Brilliant!
dog in dentist office
10)Meeting someone for the first time
meeting for the first time
11)Obscure designer glassware
goldfish bowl
12)As a Canadian crossing the border for no real good reason makes me nervous
border crossing

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