This Is Almost Like One Long Condom Advertisement

Being a parent myself you have to love kids. Before I was a parent though its a completely different story. Its a whole other world where you think kids are really nothing more than little meat sirens and kids really give you reasons why you should wear contraception.

This compilation of images and videos below reads like a like of reasons why you should be glad you are not a parent but really if you look at it from a different perspective it could be reasons why you should have one as well. Either way they are hilarious to look at. Enjoy! And have a great Holiday!


1. Creepy kids: When a parent came home to this and asked her kids what that was. They replied “they are trying to bring mommy back to life!”3mxJmYH

2.You wont have to deal with little people trying to drown your cat and tehn nearly drowning themselves
03 - F0LSRom

3.You wont have to deal with people that like to eat fire
10 - 74RWum8

4.You won’t have to deal with others that aren’t capable of handling basic things like pouring milk
11 - 9xdsAv9

5.You won’t have to spend time going to the hospital for concussions all the time
12 - b0a11Wk
6.Its almost likek you are dealing with drunk people on a daily basis
13 - 8XyZtV3
7.This is one of the reasons parents cry so much: KIDS!!!
14 - ta2YeKj
8.Its like they are drunken midgets
15 - bf1npap
9.Why is the water no tgoing in my mouth???
16 - cte2yd1
10.As a  soon to be father for the first time…..FUCK!!!
17 - DrPBK2a
11.Honestly I to would do this if I had a shiny red bucket
18 - jih8PnD
12.If I had a pny tail like that i wouldnt care anymore either.
13.Yeah ok I finally get it. Its not so bad after all

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