This Is Why You Should NEVER EVER Do Meth

The video above surfaced on Facebook a little while back of a father with his son in a supermarket. They came upon a woman whacked out likely on meth in an aisle doing some shopping. You can hear the man telling his son “That is why you never do drugs.” At first it may seem comical but its actually very serious.

It reminded me of anti-drug advertisement put out back in 2012 showing the devastating before and after effects of meth addiction.

The photos where taken from mug shots over the years of people that were repeatedly arrested.

You can see severe skin deterioration in the form of sores, or scarring caused likely from sever malnutrition. Their teeth are in some cases rotting out of their heads. Whats also known as “Meth Mouth.”

The drug itself has been known to cause intense hallucinations which causes the users to uncontrollably scratch themselves thinking there may be bugs crawling under their skin.

It really can’t be said enough that hard drugs will FUCK YOU UP IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!!!