This Police Sting In Kansas Left People Awestruck And In Tears

In Kansas City, Missouri, the local police department was on a secret mission to find people and give people a moment they will never forget.

This however was no ordinary police sting. It had a secret agenda behind it lead by a mysterious man known only as secret Santa. as It turns out this secret Santa is a successful businessman that gives out a cool 100k every year to random strangers. This year however he decided to enlist the local police in his philanthropy.

They mindfully went after people they thought would appreciate it most like people driving beat up cars.

The results brought many people to tears. I’m sure they were expecting to be in trouble as the police approached them.

Masny of the people given money expressed that it really had saved their Xmas.

when CBS news asked the secret Santa what he wanted to get out of this for thee police he replied.

“Joy,” he answered. “You know, as tough as they are they have hearts that are bigger than the world.”



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