This Unlikely Friendship Of A Dog And Rat Is Beyond Adorable

All images are from Osiris and Riff Raff on Instagram

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Riff Raff the Fancy rat and Osirus the Dutch Shepherd have become Instagram stars recently when their owner decide to open an account just forĀ  them. Mashable did an article about them last week and within days they were gaining hundreds of followers




It all started back on valentines day when Mickey Alice Kwapis rescued Riff Raff from becoming snake food. For the first couple of weeks she had to bottle feed Riff Raff milk. Afterwards Osiris would lick any excess milk from Riff Raff. Because of this Riff Raff to used to being cleaned by Osiris.

When asked whats next for her she mentioned about wanting to adopt a cat to really break the internet!

Its a common occurrence now that Osiris actually allows Riff Raff to crawl inside his mouth and clean his teeth for him.