Tired of Pizza and Burgers? Try Penis Instead


More proof that Chinese will eat basically anything with 4 legs. There is a restaurant Guolizhuang that opened in Beijing China back in 2006. It specializes in penises and testicle dishes from a variety of animals Deers, snakes, ducks, dogs, yaks, horses, donkeys and seals. It has become so successful in fact several other franchise have been opened since then.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is widely believed that animal penises increase male potency and do wonders for women’s skin as well as a bunch of other ailments. This idea is what led the originator Mr. Guo. who studied traditional Chinese medicine, and experimenting with animal genitalia to start the restaurant.

The idea that these dishes are used to treat an ailment rather than just being food is reflected in their prices as well. Many of the dishes are close to 100$, Yaks penis can cost upwards for 250 Canadian dollars and for the truly serious you can special order tigers penis costing over 1500$ and must be special ordered months in advance. Also Young people under the age of 15 aren’t allowed to eat at Guolizhuang because the hormones in the food could potentially interfere with natural growth.

Because of the unusual nature of the food there the waiters are trained to answer the many questions patrons have. Waiters must know which dishes are more appropriate for women vs. men. For examples penises are ok for women but testicles have hormonal qualities that women would not appreciate. The male hormones could potentially give women a deeper voice or facial hair. They also will divulge interesting tidbits of knowledge like dogs are the only animal in the word with an actual penis bone.


Many of the clients are businessmen who are trying to wine and dine Government officials because they need their help with something. What better way to strike a deal than over a steaming dish of sliced animal penis, right? Another thing that helps the restaurant draw in high paying clients is that they guarantee privacy. They set up the tables in private rooms or booths.

On the menu the descriptions read like a treatments for disease and what is needed to cure the ailment. For example a penis dish for 25$ reads like “This Russian dog has sex for 48 hours at a time and mates 7 months out of the year.”

Considering the idea behind the restaurant, The owner zhaoran decided to name the dishes decidedly unsuspecting names. Most likely to keep people from running away before sticking around to try them out
“Essence of the golden Buddha”
“Phoenix Rising”
“Jasmine Flowers with 1000 layers”
“Look for the treasure in the desert sand”
“Henry’s whip” which is sheep’s penis

The penises are sliced in to interesting shapes like stars or thinly sliced and mixed with a stew or curry. Sometimes even eaten raw. They are presented on a bed of lettuce like in the picture below

If you are not pleased with the menu perhaps you might be interested in a drink then. They offer a Viagra like wine that contains extracts from heart and penis mixed with blood of a deer. It is said to work within 30 minutes and have no side effects. They also offer deer and sheep fetuses likely for women.

At the end of the meal the waiter/waitress will bring you out a little red box with ribbons on it. Inside is a dog penis bone that was explained to give you good luck and protect the holder from harmful influences.



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