What If Director Michael Bay Was God? Then This Is What Life Would Be Like

Director Michael Bay Is Awesome and well known for his sometimes over abundance of explosions in movies. Since he usually only makes action movies it kinda comes with the territory.

The clips below are from various people that have applied Michael Bay like explosions to everyday life. The results are hilarious and entertaining

1.Throwing backpacks would result in explosions
young michael bay - Imgur

2.Jumping over things would result in explosions
Michael Bay - Imgur

3.Every child would have spykidish

4.Landing the wrong way after a jump would be fatal and result in death by you guessed it Explosion
Gymblastic - Imgur

5.Anything hitting anything would result in an explosion

6.Enough said already

7.Cola Bottle fizz would have atomic power
Directed by Michael Bay. - Imgur

8.NFL would likely be banned due to explosive plays
If Michael Bay directed a NFL movie - Imgur

9.Soccer would be a life or death sport. No more diving and crying babies on the field.
If Michael Bay directed the World Cup... - Imgur

10.Any aggressive move towards another would result in death
michael bay was here - Imgur

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